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HELLO!! Thank you for stopping by!! My name is Shania, I am a wife and mother to four beautiful children. I am a proud veteran of The United States Army and National Guard. I am a 2x best-selling and an International best-selling Author of  Evolve (From Heartbreaks To Hearts Healed) and The Image in the Mirror (The Reflection That Inspired The Courage To Live Limitlessly). I am currently working on my third Anthology The Image in the Mirror 2 ( How the Power of Visualization Manifested a Dream Deferred) an Trust me this book will be page-turning worthy. I am also working on my E- Cookbook


I am the proud owner and head chef of Decadent Chefs. We specialize in catering for busy professionals, couples dining, working moms, and small private dinners. We also provide meal prep for individuals who desire to eat healthier. 

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It was amazing to be a part of this anthology. To be able to share the story about a time in my life that was my pivot point with my relationship with my parents and God. I would love for you to be able to read my story and the other stories that my amazing co authors have put forth.


 Book Available 

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EVOLVE...From Heart Breaks to Hearts Healed is the journey of eight women who have overcome incredible odds in their marriages. Some have struggled to conceive children; others survived domestic violence or healed from infidelity. Then there are those who married addicts, overcame social justice, or served our country but failed to serve their marriage.


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